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Links of the Week 08.15.15

Week 08.10.15-08.15.2015 in Links Creating process to Free Up Time for Creativity Published: August 13, 2015 Author: by Rachel Andrew I can be militant when it comes to efficiency and I’m particularly interested in Rachel’s ideas about checklists. We live in a template->modular->component driven world. If we can save time by creating clear paths to

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Links of the Week 08.09.15

Week 08.03.15-08.09.2015 in Links The Tedium of Managing Code Published: August 06, 2015 Author: by Lyza Danger Gardner This article calls attention to the ever expanding JS tool belt and our shared frustration in trying to maintain it. A meaningless conversation with life navigator Ian MacKaye Published: August 04, 2015 Author: by Andrea Kurland

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Links of the Week 08.01.2015

Week 07.27.15-08.01.2015 in Links The User Experience of Creative Sprints Published: July 27, 2015 Author: by Helene Sears This is a behind the scenes look at The Guardian’s App team creative sprint process. My favorite bit of the article is about their brainstorming sessions. I hope to use these ideas sometime soon. CSS vs.

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