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Links of the Week 08.01.2015

The User Experience of Creative Sprints

Author: by Helene Sears

This is a behind the scenes look at The Guardian’s App team creative sprint process. My favorite bit of the article is about their brainstorming sessions. I hope to use these ideas sometime soon.

CSS vs. SVG: Graphical Text Effects

Author: by Sara Soueidan

Sara is very detailed in her writing and it really grounds the article. Her technical breakdowns really guide the reader through the process. She states that this is the first of a series of CSS vs. SVG related posts so stay tuned.

A Sort of Joy

Performing MoMA’s 120,000 object collections database

Author: by Jer Thorpe

I’m a big fan of Jer Thorpe’s work. I’m also a self professed art lover and data viz nerd. I’ll be reading this again.