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Links of the Week 08.15.15

Creating process to Free Up Time for Creativity

Author: by Rachel Andrew

I can be militant when it comes to efficiency and I’m particularly interested in Rachel’s ideas about checklists. We live in a template->modular->component driven world. If we can save time by creating clear paths to efficiency then we might just have time to expand our creative horizons.

5 Types of Usability Tests

Author: by Jeff Sauro

I’ve been researching usability testing options for work. We currently don’t do any sort of usability testing so I’m trying to spearhead this effort and convince stakeholders of the benefits. In the past, I’ve moderated and also participated in many usability tests. This article was a great refresher and it provided some new techniques like competitive testing (not the same as competitive analysis) I plan to try.

Carolina – Experimental musical landscape for Kimbra

Author: by Filip Visnjic

There are times when my mind wanders and I drift into the clouds on my long commute home. These are the types of things I think about.