Vendor Co-Op Advertising

design, ui, ux, wireframes

ROLESenior Interactive Designer

Spring 2015

We will be removing the background image from The backgrounds are part of a sales package we offer so we’re brainstorming alternatives to sell to our vendors (Nike, adidas, etc.)

Our core demographic loves Instagram. We have 1.1 million Instagram followers so it makes sense for us to use their photography skills in a gallery showcasing the latest and greatest products.

wireframe social media

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The placement of the Instagram gallery is important because we want buyers (Nike, adidas…) to feel as though they are cashing in on our home page real estate. We have data to support that our mini spotlights, the small spotlights below the main spotlight rotation, have a considerable click-through rate. Luke Wroblewski has researched and written about this and provided convincing evidence.

wireframe Luke Wroblewski

Luke Wroblewski,There Is No Fold.

Josh Schwartz,Scroll behavior across the web.

The website Cool Hunting has done something similar with this advertorial (Nau Clothing) placement below the hero image. The advertorial is also an idea could sell.

wireframe cool hunting

Our core demographic are video connoisseurs. It might be as simple as having a short video option to sell or we could take it a step further and incorporate some engaging interaction with the canvas element like a “Choose your own adventure with this pair of Nike Magistas.”

wireframe canvas

download wireframe pdf